Want to get involved

The Geneva Canada Club needs your help…

Do you have a bit of spare time?

Looking to meet new people or fellow Canadians…

The Canada Club Geneva has a couple of vacant positions and we are asking for volunteers to join our team. The commitment can be as big as you wish or based on your time availability.  We want to continue providing activities for Canadians to come together but we need your help to make it happen!

Please reach out if you have any interest and we will be happy to meet to further discuss more details.

Some tasks (not an inclusive list) we are looking for assistance with:

  • Translating text French/English for events etc.
  • Hosting and/or organizing events
  • Managing the website 
  • Supporting the newsletter

Looking forward to your reply
– Canada Club Geneva – Committee

2 thoughts on “Want to get involved

  1. Hello, I’m interested in helping out with events or the newsletter.

    I live on the French side, direction Chamonix, about 15 min outside Geneva.

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