With our new website we have decided to introduce a fun game. We’re calling it “Canadian of the Year” challenge. The idea: you nominate a friend, co-worker, or maybe a family member who lives in the Geneva area, and is a Canadian who is doing something extraordinary! 

It could be volunteering globally or locally, making exceptional contributions at their kids’ school or maybe making a huge impact environmentally. The idea is to share their good deeds, their work and or their story with the local Canadian community. It dawned on us that we have some great local Canadians making a difference, big and small. We need to share and celebrate that!


It’s easy. Make sure you and the person who you are submitting are signed up to receive our newsletter; this is how we will announce the winner. If you both are on Facebook make sure you’re a member too. After that, just tell us who you are nominating and why, what makes them awesome! Also include a related photo with the submission. Oh and of course the person you are submitting has to be Canadian!

To submit email us HERE.

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