We have been putting a lot of thought into when and what our next event should be. Especially since we have not forgotten that July 1st, Canada Day is coming up. Restrictions and procedures are quickly changing these days therefore making it hard to know what the foreseeable future will look like. We want to ensure we are following state regulations, ensuring people’s safety but more importantly hosting events that everyone is feeling comfortable about and welcome to attend. 

A few ideas were suggested from a virtual event to meeting in a park. We also discussed perhaps hosting a delayed event, maybe in August. The club serves a large audience therefore there will be a variety of opinions, and as always we try to provide a variety of events, something for everyone’s taste.  We have ultimately decided to ask you. Please comment below with your suggestions or ideas. What are you comfortable with?

UPDATE: We have decided there will not be an in-person event to Celebrate Canada Day 2020, unfortunately, this year. Due to the situation, we have decided this is the best decision. Continue to follow the website because as soon as it is safe we will plan something. We’re anxious to reconnect too! Click HERE to read about the virtual events we have found for Canada Day celebrations.

– Canada Club Geneva – Committee

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